Doug Bousfield – Biography

Doug Bousfield received his B.S and M.S degrees (Chemical Engineering) from Montana State University in 1981 and Oregon State University in 1983, respectively and in 1986 he earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of California-Berkeley. Profesor Bousfield is presently the Director of the Paper Surface Science Program at the University of Maine and holds the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation Faculty Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

His current research is directed at the application of fluid mechanics and rheology to industrial processes such as paper coating, paper web formation, printing, bubble coalescence, filtration, flotation, and polymeric film coating. Emphasis is placed on the development of simplified models to represent specific processes and the verification of these models with experiments.

A number of novel experimental tools have been built to show the important mechanisms of various processes. Several unique areas have emerged in this effort understanding these processes. Currently Doug is a board member of ISCST and serves as the ISCST Treasurer on the ISCST Executive Board

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