22nd International Coating Science and Technology Symposium

Sep. 8-11, 2024 | Atlanta, GA

Symposium Venue: The American Hotel Atlanta Downtown

About the Symposium

The ISCST Symposium provides a forum for scientists and engineers from around the world to present and discuss the latest developments and discoveries in the application and solidification of thin liquid films. The Symposium features contributions from experts in both academia and industry on topics ranging from fundamental processing science to more applied research and development. The Symposium includes a broad range of coating process science and technology and impacts many industries. The format of the symposium is designed to facilitate learning, exchange of information and networking across industrial sectors and between academia and industry.

At the 22nd ISCST Symposium, the technical sessions will cover a wide range of areas including Materials Synthesis and Coating, Coating Process Fundamentals, Drying and Curing Fundamentals, Flow and Solidification of Particulate Coatings, Wetting & Adhesion, Coating Technology & Applications, and Coating Process Design and systems across the coating industry, and a special session focused on Energy and Sustainability.  For the special topic, we seek contributions related to continuous and semi-continuous processing of devices such as batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, and perovskites, in addition to recycling, reclaiming, and reuse of materials as coatings and/or substrates, especially for energy devices.

The Symposium also features tabletop exhibits from vendors offering products or services of interest for the coating industry, including equipment suppliers, coating services, coating and drying modeling software and instrumentation.

Presenters to submit manuscripts to a special edition of the Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting to be published in early 2025. The deadline for submission will be 12/31/2024.

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