European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France) – Poster Session 1

European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France)

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007 Thursday Sep 13, 2007 Friday Sep 14, 2007


Wednesday September 12, 2007 Sessions

Poster Session 1
Formation of aligned wrinkling patterns by selective adhesion H. Vandeparre, J.Léopoldès, C. Poulard, S. Desprez , P.Damman Université de Mons-Hainaut.
Dewetting of polystyrene thin films on terraced substrates: Interaction of a contact line with nanometric steps T. Ondarçuhu, A. Piednoir CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse
Drying of thin film polymer solar cells – initial results B. Schmidt-Hansberg B., W. Schabel, D. Hung, A. Colsmann, U. Lemmer Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Next generation portable Electronic Feeler Gage for maintaining coater gap uniformity in production B. Manning, J-F. Doussin Capacitec Europe
Monitoring the drying and curing of two component waterborne polyurethane coatings with inverse-micro-Raman-spectroscopy W. Schabel, J. Krenn, I. Ludwig, M. Kind, P. Olier, S. Meeker University Karlsruhe
Drying of solvent-borne coatings with pre-loaded drying gas J. Krenn, P. Scharfer, M. Kind, W. Schabel University Karlsruhe
Dynamic modelling of the deformed contact line under partial wetting conditions: quasistatic approach S. Iliev, N. Pesheva, V. S. Nikolayev Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Effect of viscoelasticity on dynamics and stability in roll coatings S. K. Han, D. M. Shin, H. Y. Park, H. W. Jung, J. C. Hyun Korea University
Conformation of a single DNA molecule in slot coating flow J. Y. Lee, J. S. Lee, B. K. Ryu, H. W. Jung, J. C. Hyun Korea University
Simulation to design technical film drying processes P. Scharfer, W. Schabel, M. Kind University of Karlsruhe
Asymptotic structure of a dewetting thin liquid film: the strong slip case P. L. Evans, A. Munch, J. R. King Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
SESSION 1: Drops
SESSION 2: Drying

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