Shuzo Fuchigami – Biography

Shuzo Fuchigami is currently a consultant in the area of precision coating technology and technology management and an IPrime Fellow at the University of Minnesota. After graduating from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1966 he had excellent industrial experience, both in technology development and business management in Fuji Film Co., Sumitomo 3M, 3M USA, and Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. for 40 years in total.

His expertise is in coating science and technology area, in particular, multilayer simultaneous coating technology and its related process technologies such as fluid handling, drying/curing and web handling. During working in the coating industries, he developed worldwide network of coating technology in both academia and industry and contributed the coating communities. He is one of founders for the Coating Research Association sponsored by the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan and was the 2nd President of ISCST (2002-2004).



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