Ta-Jo Liu – Biography


Ta-Jo received his BS in Chemical Engineering from National Taiwan University (1973) and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University of New York (1979). He worked for Eastman Kodak Co. from 1979-1983, then spent one year with Colegate-Palmolive Co. from 1983-1984. Ta-Jo returned to Taiwan and became an associate professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University. He was promoted to professor in 1988 and acted as Department Chairman in 1997. Ta-Jo took a leave from university and became the founder and president of Formosa Advanced Coating Technologies Inc.. He returned to university in 2002 and currently he is a professor at Tsing Hua University.


Ta-Jo’s major research interests are in coating and related topics, currently his research efforts are in four areas, i.e., functional coating, ultra thin coating, multi-phase coating and solvent casting, which are applicable to liquid crystal display (LCD), printed circuit board (PCB), batteries and solar cells, and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) industries. He has published over 70 technical articles and is the author of the book “Principles and Applications of Polymer Processing” (in Chinese), he also has 10 patents.


Currently Ta-Jo is a board director of ISCST, he is also the chairman of Coating Technology Association (CTA) in Taiwan. He has been a technical consultant to Material and Chemical Lab, ITRI and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Association for a long period of time. Ta-Jo received the Excellent Teaching Award from the Ministry of Education in 1988, Outstanding Research Awards from National Science Council during 1988-1995 and John A.Tallmadge Award from ISCST in 2008.


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