A Letter from the Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

The ISCST Symposium provides a forum for scientists and engineers from around the world to present and discuss their latest developments and discoveries in the application and solidification of thin liquid films. The Symposium features contributions from experts in both academia and industry on topics ranging from fundamental processing science to more applied research and development.

The 20th ISCST Symposium will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from September 20-23, 2020.  This symposium will feature a special session showcasing emerging coating and drying technologies. The technical sessions will cover a wide range of areas including: Coating Process Fundamentals, Coating Applications, Drying & Curing Fundamentals, Microstructure Development & Film Defects, Flow & Solidification of Particulate Coatings, Wetting & Adhesion, and Printing & Discrete Coatings. The Symposium will also feature a Poster Session, and Tabletop Exhibits from vendors offering products and services of interest for the coating industry.

More details about this symposium will be made available on this website.  We hope that you will join us in 2020 for this exciting and informative event.


Dr. Ilyess Hadj Romdhane, Symposium Chair
3M Corporate Research Process Lab

Michael Ulsh, Symposium Co-Chair
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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