European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France) Friday

European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France)

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007 Thursday Sep 13, 2007 Friday Sep 14, 2007


Friday September 14, 2007 Sessions

Engineered surfaces with controlled wettability H. Arribart Saint-Gobain Recherche
SESSION 5: Heterogeneous or Textured Substrates
Filling dynamics at the onset of spontaneous Cassie-Baxter-Wenzel transition C. Pirat, M. Sbragaglia, A. M. Peters, B.M. Borkent, R. Lammertink, M. Wessling, D. Lohse University of Twente
Elastic instabilities yielding super-hydrophobic surfaces C. Poulard, H. Vandeparre, P.Damman Universite de Mons Hainaut
Creating super-oleophobic surfaces A. Tuteja, W. Choi, J. M. Mabry, G. H. McKinley, R. E. Cohen MIT
Wetting morphologies on topographically structured substrates: a possible way to open microfluidics K. Khare, K. Kostourou, M. Brinkmann, S. Herminghaus, R. Seemann Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Dewetting of thin polymer films on heterogeneous substrates L. Leopoldes, P. Damman Universite de Mons Hainaut
Superhydrophobic glass prepared by a large area process of surface nanoscopic texturing using a dewetted silver nano-mask D. Le Bellac, E. Royer Saint-Gobain Recherche
Drag reduction and enhanced mixing in flows using ultraahydrophobic surfaces L. Ou, G. Moss, J. P. Rothstein University of Massachusetts
Viscous flow over a chemically patterned surface J.E. Sprittles, Y.D. Shikhmurzaev University of Birmingham
A general free surface rule for Stokes flow of fluid films over obstacles M. Scholle, M. C. T. Wilson, H. M. Thompson, N. Aksel, P. H. Gaskell University of Bayreuth
Electrowetting driven flows F. Mugele University of Twente
SESSION 6: Contact Lines

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