ISCST 20th Symposium is going VIRTUAL in September!

ISCST Symposium is Going VIRTUAL!

We’re excited to announce the ISCST Symposium will now be a Virtual Event from September 20-23.

Join us online from the comfort of your office or home – using your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Interact in a full virtual conference experience, featuring all the technical content, plenary presentations, exhibits, and networking of our in-person event.

The ISCST Symposium provides a forum for scientists and engineers from around the world to present and discuss the latest developments and discoveries in the application and solidification of thin liquid films. The Symposium features contributions from experts in both academia and industry on topics ranging from fundamental processing science to more applied research and development. The Symposium includes a broad range of coating process science and technology that impacts many industries. The format of the symposium is designed to facilitate learning, exchange of information and networking across industrial sectors and between academia and industry.

Why Attend?

– Leading technical content including 3 plenary talks and nearly 60 technical presentations covering:

• Coating Process Fundamentals
• Drying and Curing Fundamentals
• Flow & Solidification of Particulate Coatings
• Wetting & Adhesion
• Particulate Coatings & Microstructure Development
• Coating Applications
• Printing/Additive Manufacturing
• Analytics/Big Data

– Network with others in the industry. Plus, as a Virtual Conference networking is as easy as clicking a name! You can quickly message any attendee. Once you message with them, you can video chat for a longer discussion, or to share a screen while meeting. Note: Most Virtual Conferences receive more attendees than in-person events.

– Set your own custom schedule for the speaking sessions and networking sessions that you want to attend. Our conference will work around your busy schedule. You will receive emails anytime an attendee wants to meet.

– Learn about new products and services by visiting our Interactive, Virtual Exhibit Area.

– Directly message an Exhibitor contact for any company to chat in the Conference System, video chat with a company in the conference system, or email them to schedule a later time to meet. You will be able to contact any company quickly, no empty booths at our event!

Benefits of Virtual Format:

– interact directly with attendees, speakers, sponsors & exhibitors throughout the symposium.
– On-demand and live content.
– Virtual Exhibits available 24/7.
– Attend from convenience of home or office — No travel cost and guaranteed no flight delays!
– Lower Registration Costs to Attend.
– No travel cost and guaranteed no flight delays!
– Discounts for multiple attendees from the same company.

What Are You Waiting For?

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