13th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium (2006) – Session 2

13th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium(2006)

Monday Sep 11, 2006 Tuesday Sep 12, 2006 Wednesday Sep 13, 2006


Monday September 11, 2006 SessionsSESSION 2: Dynamic Contact Lines
Co-Chairs: Steven Weinstein (Eastman Kodak) and Leonard Schwartz (University of Delaware)
Application of a Finite Element Level Set Method to Wetting and Filling Problems at Low to Moderate Capillary Numbers T.A. Baer, P. R. Schunk, R.R.Rao, D. R. Noble Gram Inc
Spreading of Liquids on Solid Surfaces: Pure Fluids E. Rame, S. Garoff National Center for Space Exploration
Dynamic Spreading and Absorption of Impacting Droplets on Topographically Irregular Porous Substrates P. Alam, M. Tolvakka, K. Backfolk, P. Sirvio Abo Akademi University
Observation of the Breaking of the Dynamic Wetting Line under Vacuum H. Benkreira University of Bradford
Interfacial Transients at a Moving Wetting Line T. B. Jones, K. L. Wang University of Rochester
Stability Analysis for the Flow in a Dynamic Wetting or Dewetting (micro-) Gap S. Strein, P.Earhard Forschungszentrum Kalsruhe GmbH
Static Contact Angles: The fully Augmented Young-Laplace Equation E. Diaz Martin, J. Fuentes, M. Savage, R. Cerro University of Alabama in Huntsville
Latice Boltzmann Simulations of Contact Line Motion on Heterogeneous Surfaces X-L. Jia, J. B. McLaughlin, G. Ahmardi, K. Kontomaris Clarkson University

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