European Coating Symposium 2005 (Bradford, UK) – Posters Session

European Coating Symposium 2005 (Bradford, UK)

Wednesday Sep 7, 2005 Thursday Sep 8, 2005 Friday Sep 9, 2005


Wednesday September 7, 2005 Sessions

Numerical investigation of the linear response of a viscous liquid sheet N. Alleborn, H. Raszillier University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
An Experimental Investigation of the On-set of Ribbing in Forward-mode Deformable Roll Coating Y. H. Chong, P. H. Gaskell, N. Kapur University of Leeds, UK
Film formation model of shear thinning power law fluids using lubrication analysis R. Hewson, N. Kapur, P. H. Gaskell University of Leeds, UK
NETCOAT – Network of competence in formation of surface properties S. Hildén, H.Reinius Oy Keskuslaboratorio-Cetrallaboratorium Ab (KCL)
Dynamics and Operability Windows of Slot Coating Process S.Y. Kim, W.S. Park, H.W. Jung, M.-S. Park, D.-H. Shin, and S.J. Kim University of Birmingham, UK
An experimental and numerical investigation of droplet coalescence N. Kapur, P.H. Gaskell, Y-C Lee, N. Teo & H.M.Thompson University of Leeds, UK
Air Entrainment In Curtain Coating With Carrier Layers J.O. Marston,M.J.H. Simmons, S.P. Decent and S.P. Kirk University of Birmingham, UK
Hydrodynamic assist in curtain coating onto pre-wet and modified substrates J. Marston, S.P. Decent, M.J.H. Simmons and Y.D.Shikhmurzaev University of Birmingham, UK
Gravity-driven thin film flow over wavy substrates: eddy generation, mass transfer and mixing M.C.T. Wilson, P.H. Gaskell, Z.M. Liu, H.M.Thompson, N. Aksel, M. Scholle, A. Wierschem University of Leeds/University of Bayreuth, UK
Air entrainment in Angled Curtain Coating. H. Benkreira, R. Patel, M. El-Gadafi University of Bradford, UK
Air entrainment in dip coating under vacuum. H. Benkreira, R. Patel, M. I. Khan. University of Bradford, UK

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