European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France) – Session 3B

European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France)

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007 Thursday Sep 13, 2007 Friday Sep 14, 2007


Thursday September 13, 2007 Sessions

SESSION 3b: Coating Processes
CFD Simulation of Jet Wiping Process A comparison with analytical model and experiments K. Myrillas, J-M. Buchlin von Karman Institute
Modelling the discrete cell gravure roll coating process: A new perspective R. W. Hewson, N. Kapur, P. H. Gaskell University of Leeds
Diffusion in multi-component polymeric systems: Diffusion of non-volatile species in thin films M. Müller, M. Kind, R. Cairncross, W. Schabel Universität Karlsruhe
Film dynamics in a vertical rotating disk partially immersed in a liquid bath K. Afanasiev, A. Munch, B. Wagner Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
Anti-icing coatings K. Chuda, M-I. Watchi Saint-Gobain Recherche
Effect of mechanical dry coating on the modification of the surface properties of silica gel powder: Surface morphology, Flowability and wettability Y. Ouabbas, L. Galet, A Chamayou, M. Baron, G. Thomas, P. Grosseau, B. Guilhot Ecole Nationale Superieure des Techniques….
Wetting effects during inkjet printing of UV curable inks F. Varela, C. Wolluschek Cemitec-Noain
Calculating the permeability of model paper coating structures comprising incongruent particle shapes and sizes P. Alam, T. Byholm, J. Kniivilä, L. Sinervo, M. Toivakka Åbo Akademi University
Curtain coating at low web speeds and low coat weights P. M. Schweizer Polytype Converting AG
SESSION 4b: Nanoscales
SESSION 4c: Coating Flows

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