European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France) – Session 4A

European Coating Symposium 2007 (Paris, France)

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007 Thursday Sep 13, 2007 Friday Sep 14, 2007


Thursday September 13, 2007 Sessions

SESSION 4a: Numerical Simulations
Mesoscopic simulations of multi-phase flows: static and dynamics L. Biferale, R. Benzi, M. Sbragaglia, S. Succi, F. Toschi Universit a di Tor Vergata
Modeling capillary phenomena at a mesoscopic scale: from simple to complex fluids S. Merabia, J. Bonet Avalos, I. Pagonabarraga Universitat de Barcelona
Droplet spreading: Quantitative comparisons with experiment Y.Y. Koh, Y-C Lee, P.H. Gaskell, P.K. Jimack, H.M. Thompson University of Leeds
Regular non-coarsening surface patterns on evaporating heated films M. Bestehorn Brandenburgische Technische Universitat
Interfacial instabilities driven by chemical reactions A. Pereira, P. M.J. Trevelyan, U. Thiele, S. Kalliadasis Imperial College London
A contact angle boundary condition derived from fundamental hydrodynamics for the simulation of interfacial flows S. Afkhami, M. Bussmann S. Zaleski University of Toronto
Relaxation of surface tension under dynamic wetting conditions: a mesoscopic study M.C.T. Wilson University of Leeds
Dynamical analysis of droplet impact spreading on solid substrate Z. Liu, H. Liu, H. Ye, Y. Zhang Beijing University of Technology
SESSION 3b: Coating Processes
SESSION 4b: Nanoscales
SESSION 4c: Coating Flows

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