13th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium (2006) Tuesday

13th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium(2006)

Monday Sep 11, 2006 Tuesday Sep 12, 2006 Wednesday Sep 13, 2006


Tuesday September 12, 2006 SessionsSESSION 4: Experimental and Numerical Methods I
Co-Chairs: Hadj Benkreira (University of Bradford) and Wilhelm Schabel (Universitat Kalsruhe)
Marangoni Flows in Drying of Colloidal Films S. G. Yiantsios, B. G. Higgins University of California, Davis
Asymptotic Structure of a Dewetting Thin Film P. L. Evans, A Munch, J.R. King Humbolt-Universitat zu Berlin
Dynamical Analysis of Gravity-driven Thin Film Over Substrates with Topography Z. Liu, M. C. T. Wilson, P. H. Gaskell, H. M. Thompson Beijing University of Technology
Tracking Vortex Birth(and Death) in Coating Flows J. Nam, M.S. Carvalho, L.E. Scriven University of Minnesota
3-D Transient Simulation of Viscoelastic Coating Flows J. M. Brethour Flow Science Inc
Two-Layer Slot Coating Frequency Response for Active Control T. Tsuda, J.M. de Santos, L. E. Scriven University of Minnesota
Transient Slot Coater O. J. Romero, M. S. Carvalho University of Minnesota
Current State of Theoretical Modelling of Coating Flows J.M. de Santos, M. S. Carvalho, L. E. Scriven University of Minnesota

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